“Steve is a very energetic and passionate leader. He also brings this passion into his work, his design work pushes boundaries but also manages to retain a high level of functionality – he understands that you need to put the consumer at the heart of what you do. Working with Steve on various projects is always a pleasure as he always brings in a high level of creativity and energy and he always interacts well with all level of stakeholders”

Matthew Ferguson, Insights Analytics at News Corp Australia

“Steve’s is a tireless creator and an endless flame for creating design that is beautiful and engaging for the user. He is the perfect blend of an experienced creative and someone who engages deeply with technology and sees the possibilities beyond the viewport – bringing ideas and devices together to play.
He never fails to bat for his team and wants nothing more than to watch individuals push themselves to new heights. In his natural habitat you’ll see Steve surrounded by sharpies with an unbreakable look of concentration…and probably wearing bright green brogues!”

Rebecca Cornwall, Design Director at News Corp Australia

“Steve brings an emphatic, inclusive approach to creative and user experience design. Consumer centric thinking is an ethos that he has instilled within his team and throughout his stakeholder engagement.”

Adam King, GM Consumer Commerce at News Corp Australia

Steve is one of the best creative directors I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He has a deep understanding of where digital content is going and how that impacts the way brands and the media have to innovate, shift and adapt. He’s also has something which is often neglected by many – the ability to understand what motivates a creative team and how to keep their morale high and get the best of their creative talents. I have worked with many people in this space and Steve is undoubtedly one of the best in Australia at what he does – he is a great digital creative, dynamic and a fantastic team player.


Neal Mann, Fellow at University of Sheffield