Britain had a new professional cycling team. Sky had the ten year sponsorship deal. The cycling season was approaching, the general public were warming up to the London Olympics. I was responsible for implementing the Team Sky Creative Direction.


• Creative Direction – Design and deliver as the solo designer
• Collaborate – With the website developers in based Leeds
• Collaborate – With the Sky Sports teams on site at Sky
• Collaborate – With the cycle clothing manufacturer


• Using the minimal identity guidelines already set for the logo by the agency. Create a design tool kit of parts to kick off Britain’s newest pro cycling team’s first season.
• Collaborate with Sky staff to deliver design materials in time for the start of the media’s cycling season.


Data + Technology + Fan base + Launch brand + TV company + Finance. This was the healthy configuration of elements that allowed for the initial ‘Sky Pro Cycling’ identify. To flourish into a set of design components to establish what was to be an incredible few years of success for the British fan base.


The creative concept was ‘Data flow, to follow’. Use the data from riders, locations, bikes, support crews, events and races repackaged in the brand. To excite, and win the hearts of the British public.

Online promotion

I worked with remote online development teams to help establish a digital presence. Once the professional cycling season was underway, more digital widgets and interactive items were introduced to deliver different data types.