Content discovery

Connect TV was commissioned as a ‘guerilla’ project in reaction to the low iTunes customer ratings for the Sky Go mobile app. The project objectives were to disrupt typical work processes, finding quicker and more efficient methods of working. In addition revise from the ground up new product features and functions rewriting the UX and UI. Sky brand guidelines did not apply.


• All Design and UX work shown here is my own
• Creative Lead – My teams design delivery
• UX – Innovative solutions using data and insights
• Design – Strategic concepts beyond the Sky brand

• Technical – Working with front & back end devs
• Collaboration – Senior management for a democratic approach
• Process – User testing at core of ideation and development


• Resolve low Sky Go Apple App Store customer ratings 
• Customers inability to find preferred TV quickly on EPG 
• Explore more efficient agile working practices
• Increase team proficiency and product functions 


• 64% improvement customer ratings on Apple App Store
• New API developed to scrape programme images 
• 11% increase in agile velocity due to new practices


Set up as a ‘guerilla’ project to break habits and explore more efficient ways to work. The process was ever evolving in the early stages. Based on frequent conversations between the Product owner, scrum master and myself. At the core of all decision making was to be customer centric from consistent testing. Whilst utilising the skill and experience of all the team members and giving them a democratic voice through the project.


Before the full team was assembled I was involved in identifying specific customer problems and challenges with the Sky Go Product Managers, Sky Marketing and the Insights team.


Based on our user needs from the customer research. As Design Lead I worked with the Product Owner and Scrum Master to identify a set of user scenarios which would be the basis for the wider team to start working from.


My role was to ensure that ideation between the teams was broad enough to innovate and deliver a viable solutions to the problem. Especially given that an exciting facet to this guerrilla style approach was that the project approach was to be non Sky branded.


Three teams each designed and built one functional app each week for four weeks. Each prototype iteration was uer tested and all relevant information informed the next design and build.

User Testing

Using an external User Testing Facility, I collaborated directly with the lead tester focus on design iterations and development of the product through validation feedback. User insights ranged from direct video interview video feeds, one to one interviews and focus groups.


I oversaw and was hands on with regards to the final design. All design direction was validated by user feedback and democratic decision making.

Objective 1 – Product Design

The final product’s features and functions were driven 90% by continual customer user testing data and validation. Which ran concurrently through the ideation, prototype, test and iteration stages of the project. Critical uncovered insights from user testing included; direction on top level categorisation, individual TV viewing habits, labelling, clustering of genres and preferred presentation and interaction paradigms. The newly developed features of Connect TV were the ability for the user to see an image for every single TV program. Also the added benefit a progress bar indicating time remaining for each item.

Objective 2 – Process

A democratic and collaborative team approach was consistent through the project. Whilst this was ‘testing’ at times. Daily standups and reviews based on user testing feedback and industry best practice combined with the expertise skill of the team delivered some left-field ideation. Which in turn validated well with customers. Post the ‘Connect TV’ project the process was distilled and packaged up to transfer to other