Helping viewers find channels and programmes


I was given the opportunity as the Design Lead on this project due to my interactive skills. The initial strategic and conceptual work was created by me. I then Art Directed motion designers to achieve the required effects. Which were then replicated by the OSP team on their system which managed the broadcast.


• Promote – Customers subscription package
• Showcase – New sky channels
• Help – Customers find suitable TV content
• Wayfinding – Make it easy for Sky staff to promote their channels
• Brand consistent – Design a system that unifies Sky channels but allows them to express their channel personality


• Wayfinding – Directional visual reveal based on content platform
• Brand – Collaboration with Skys brand agency Venture3
• Multiplatform – Consistent implementation on all digital screens
• Design principles – Supporting Style guide and User Manual
• Standard – Now the OSP benchmark implemented globally


• Promote – Increased channel subscriptions sold
• Showcase – Successful new channel promotion and sales
• Help – Resident broadcast CTA and promo on launch
• Wayfinding – Animatic directional reveal
• Brand consistent – Collaborative working relationship with all of the channels. Allowed for a set yet flexible design that suited all channel requirements

Multi channel branding

Coming soon – Sky Movies

Up Next – Multichannel

Up Next – Single channel

Available to watch – All viewing platforms