Immersive Medical Education

The Leading 3D Anatomy Resource. For Educators, Students, Practitioners and Industry Professionals. A anatomical education virtual reality application for medical students.


Create a virtual reality application for Primal Pictures. That allows medical students to learn about the human anatomical body by manipulating macro and micro views.


Creation of a natural and intuitive navigation paradigm for manipulating the human body in VR. Aligning and mimicking similarities of the real world in a virtual world.


Building navigation on the existing 2D web UI navigation paradigm. Finding a common understating and control of the navigation for the body manipulation.


UX Design. UI Design. Onboarding concepts. Tutorial interface. Creative direction. Iconography. User testing & validation.

Ideation – Wireframes

To convey initial interactive ideas with the developer and wider team. I mocked up a wireframe for each interactive instance, to lock in and document controller gestures and functions. This allowed us not to duplicate on instances and evaluate for multiple brand platforms.

Prototype – Tutorial Concepts

After the basic functionality and controller features were set for the main navigation paradigm. I focused on the Tutorial UX approach in the form of 2D concept mockups.

Design – UI

Using the Primal Pictures brand guidelines for 2D products. A new user interface toolkit and design assets were developed to build the VR application.

Design – Tutorial

To help users utilise the full extent of the navigational paradigms and shortcuts a short onboarding tutorial was incorporated into the application.

Validation – User testing

For the initial user testing, a series of VR stations were set up at a University campus. Medical students were given the opportunity to use the MVP before commencing with any more investment. Once the successful trials were completed, the application went through further development. Additional rounds of rigorous internal and client user testing allowed us to refine the delicate behaviour’s required for the final build.

Build – App Deployment

The final app is a ‘stand alone’ app which uses six degrees of freedom on the Oculus and HTC Vive platforms. The app will be available for download on various stores.

Sales – Oculus Store Submission

I was responsible to generate the The Oculus Store application document for Primal VR. To highlight the applications features and functions. Portions of the elements are featured below.

Marketing – Promo Video

During the project phase, there were various media releases to aid the Primal Pictures team in London, UK. Including sales packs, User Manuals and Promotional Videos.

User Manual

To compliment the in-app VR Tutorial I designed a supporting User Manual PDF. The User Manual instructed teachers and students on all aspects of installing the understanding features and functions of the Primal VR app. As well as aiding the users on Virtual Reality hardware and health and safely.