‘Gutland’ VR Pop-Up

Metamucil the fibre supplement will launch Gutland – a first-of-its-kind Virtual Reality (VR) experience at Darling Harbour in Sydney. Gutland, a real world and VR experience, will see users navigate through a highly stylized and gamified digestive system. Whilst moving through the mouth, stomach and intestines, participants will take on a series of challenges before finally exiting out of the proverbial back door.


Gutland is part of a broader campaign which aims to get people taking about their digestive health and wellness. It launches off the back of the hugely successful creative featuring Nugget, Miss Metamucil and Gutsy. Metamucil in Gutland seeks to educate participants about the importance of fibre, staying regular and having a healthy gut.

VR Concept

The Gutland experience you will be able to physically touch everything you see in the VR world. Everything you place your hands on real world is exactly matched by virtual objects inside Gutland. With P&G’s support we have built the world’s most tactile VR experience, with dozens of touchable and tracked objects. The Gutland experience is set up as a green-screen stage, allowing adventurers to share videos of their experience inside the virtual world. These “Mixed Reality” videos show both the real person and the fantasy VR world they are experiencing.

How it works

A four by two meter space divider into eight square meter tiles would be built as the real world set. A virtual world would then be built to map onto the set design. Users would see and touch certain virtual gameplay objects that would exist in the real world set. Each of the eight tiles would represent a particular scene in the ‘Gutland’ VR concept.

Set Build

The set intention was for a pop up activation so it was essential that equipment was easy and quick to assemble, lift and load into a van. The structure was to be stable enough so the lighthouses detected no movement.

Virtual build

Game Mechanics

In this final scene the challenge was to educate the users on how Metamucil works inside the human body in a fun, simple immerse yet.. physical way. By artistic impressions, measuring, building and white boxing in Unity engine concepts we wanted to convey a vast space in virtual reality but restrict user to stay within the 4×2 meter gameplay area. Using a catapult mechanism the users would jump on a soft sponge platform to activate the catapult to propel its load to target the opening of the back door to leave the game.

Creative Direction

The creative direction for the virtual environment set design was in conjunction with the Metamucil promo film. But also morphed and changed along with the iterations of the core concept and physical game mechanics.

Modelling and Build

Models and environment constructs were built remotely and on site then matched to the set build to ensure the virtual and real world game objects tracked exactly.

Social Engagement

Low fidelity design visuals for social user flow agreement to capture video of the users experience through ‘Gutland’

Dress Rehearsal

Multiple dress rehearsals were undertaken to extinguish any potential set and technical problems especially in an outdoor setting.

…and Go Live