Curiious IQ – Immersive learning

Curiious IQ is a virtual reality education and training learning ecosystem. Developed to create immersive group learning in Virtual Reality for scenarios that would be difficult or impossible to replicate in the real world. The teacher has the ability to create, run and control virtual reality lessons to multiple students at the same time. The ecosystem consists of: The IQ platform, Creator’s Toolkit and the Teachers Tablet.


• All design and UX work shown here is my own
• User Experience – Responsible for all UX
• Software Design – Developer collaborating
• Desktop app – Design and delivery
• Touchscreen tablet app – Design and delivery
• Virtual Reality app – Design and delivery


Design the complete ecosystem for the Curiious IQ enterprise product. Includes the design and delivery of the following:
1. The IQ platform – Player client
2. Creator’s Toolkit – Desktop application
3. Teachers Tablet – Tablet application
4. User manual and help documentation
5. Sale and marketing communications

Curiious IQ


The Curiious IQ platform connects the CMS, up to forty virtual reality headsets, creation and play app together.

Teacher Tablet

Touch screen tablet app that allows the teacher to choose from a subjects library, select a VR module and play to the class.

Creator’s Toolkit

Desktop app which allows teachers and students to create virtual worlds. Save as modules and share with other students.


Curiious IQ is a learning space for students to investigate, design and respond to an authentic, engaging, and complex question, problem, or set of challenges. The Curiious IQ platform has been developed to address the challenges of iVR in groups. Its focus is on ease of use for teachers and high impact interactive experiences for learners.

Creator’s Toolkit

The Creator’s Toolkit a desktop application, is IQ’s companion software that allows you to craft, create and explore your own virtual worlds. Capture immersive scenes with the click of a 360 camera or create your own using 3D software. Add interactive layers such as text, video, image and audio hotspots. Teleport between scenes to creative interactive stories.

Creator’s Toolkit enables students creative freedom to create interactive stories that can be shared with the class in VR. For the most effective experience, the IQ Teacher’s Tablet allows seamless control of class-scale VR adoption.

Teachers Tablet

For the most effective experience, the IQ Teacher’s Tablet allows seamless control of class-scale VR adoption. In general, learning goals that can be effectively met using iVR are those that benefit from repetition (such as developing procedural skills) or even from simple exposure.

IQ – User Manual

A supporting User Manual PDF was created to assist customers with various aspects of IQ. From installation and set up for adims. Teachers ability to set up or purchase subjects. Or students to enable them to create virtual worlds to share in the classroom.

IQ – User testing

Extensive user testing was consist through the project. Initially from (non project) internal staff, to specific target groups and eventually on site at pilot schools based in the United States.

Curiious IQ platform

IQ – Creative Direction

IQ – Content Creation