State of Origin NRL

To celebrate State of Origin NRL season. Bundaberg Rum created an augmented reality footy game called ‘Flick ‘n Kick’. Where users would get the chance to win thousands of prizes, by testing thier kicking skills at the Bundaberg stadium.


• Immerse users within the topic and convey a sense of emotion
• Turn digital users into footy players and experience real challenges


• Create a mobile augmented reality football game & branded stadium
• Use sound, wind, distance as game mechanics to increase challenge

Concept Construct

To simplify the game and reduce change in game objects a single stadium was used to denote three levels of game play. L1 pitch grass roots, L2 local oval and L3 a national stadium.


A direction sheet was created to convey the approach and mechanics of the augmented reality game mechanics, animations and behaviours.

User flow designs

Illustrated below only are the three main stadium levels of the game. Level one pitch, level two local oval, to level three national stadium.

Marketing campaign

Poster and key brand visual for call to action on social and digital campaign

Augmented reality game

Macro and micro grabs of the level three stadium in game play.